Women's Self Defense


We live in a less than perfect world and sometimes bad things happen to good people.

My Women's Self Defense Class evolved from two factors, the first being that I am a husband and a father to three daughters. As a life long martial artist I am acutely aware of the aggressive side of human nature. I've seen what it can do. As a husband and a father I felt it my duty to help the women in my life develop a healthy understanding of the dangers and to empower them to not only avoid those dangers and, if necessary, to fight back.

The second factor was my relationship with Central Alabama Firearms Training. It was through CAFT that we set up our first series of Women's Self Defense classes and I began to see how strong the need was in our community.

Through our classes you will learn:

  • Situational awareness. Understanding your environment is crucial to avoiding an altercation. We'll discuss body language as well as tips and cues on how not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Strikes. Most women have been taught from an early age that hitting is not okay. We'll work on defining the times it is not only okay, but necessary to hit. We'll also work on the most effective ways to hit without hurting yourself.

  • Blocks. More important than learning how to hit is how not to get hit. We'll cover the essentials on how to minimize damage from a striking assailant.

  • Escapes, These are techniques for getting out of chokes and holds.

  • The Ground. Many times in a fight you will be knocked to the ground. We'll cover best practices for getting back up again.

  • Sexual Assault. You have an absolute right to your own personal autonomy. That means no one touches you without your permission. We'll cover tactics for fighting off sexual assault and maintaining your own personal autonomy.

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